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Sharing your blog on social media

Sharing Your Blog On Social Media

How to Share Your Blog with the World According to’s infographic on social media sharing titled “Five Ways to Share“, sharing your blogs on social media can be more difficult than it seems. This infographic has some great tactics for building the bridge between your social media platforms and your blog. Check them out […]

Don't make these blogging mistakes

Common Mistakes of Blogging

Mistakes of New Bloggers When blogging for your business, there are many common pitfalls that can haunt new bloggers. To help you prepare for this, be sure to check out this blog by Tony Messer on ‘the Entrepreuer’ website entitled “The 7 Deadly Sins of Business Blogging“. In his article, Messer takes the seven most […]

How to write a better blog

How to make your blog writing better

Use these tips to write better blogs Writing for a blog can be difficult; it takes creativity, logic, and great grammar. But, here are a few things that you can do to improve your writing, and make your blog just a little bit better. This blog by Lindsay Kolowich is a great writing guide. It is […]

Get inspiration for your next blog

Where to look for inspiration for your blog

Looking for Blog Inspiration? Blogging can be a grueling task. It starts out fun but pretty soon we all start to be at a loss of what to write. This article from Top Rank Marketing has a few great suggestions for what to do when your well of ideas begins to dry up.

What should I write about?

What do I blog about? I need topics for my blog!

I need topics for my blog! What should I blog about? As with most industries, it is wise to seek counsel from experts, and the blogging world is no different. In their blog titled, “HOW TO FIND INSPIRATION FOR YOUR BLOG POSTS (38 BLOGGING EXPERTS REVEAL THEIR SECRETS)“, the writers at ‘the Creative Copywriter’ interviewed […]

Defeating Writer’s Block

How to beat writer’s block When you are a writer, even for a small business blog, you will inevitably come to a point when you won’t know what to write. Writing can be hard and writer’s block is the worst illness a writer can contract. In his article “How to Overcome Writer’s Block: 14 Tricks […]

Get clients with blogs!

Why blogs are great for business

Are blogs really going to help my business? Business Insider is a wonderful resource for business owners. In this article ‘Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Blogging‘, Martin Zwilling explains some of the best reasons why a business should have a blog. Be sure to check it out, it is a wonderful resource.

SEO Blogs and My Business

The Power of SEO Blogs in Business Business owners are always looking for ways to get ahead. Many have stressed pushing their employees to work harder or shelled out lots of money for expensive marketing campaigns. While this may have been the way to get ahead in the past, today’s business environment calls for a […]